China Carbon Forum brings Mr. Chris Lenon to the ICC China National Committee

From left: Mr. Chris Lenon, Adviser Tax Policy Rio Tinto, and chairman of a working group of the International Chamber of Commerce, the World Business Organization (ICC) ; Mr. Zhao Xiaodi, Secretary General, ICC China; and Dr. Anton Smitsendonk, CCF Chairman & Member, ICC Environment and Energy commission, accompanied by Mr. Hugh Kater, General Manager, CCF.

4th July 2012

In a meeting arranged by China Carbon Forum, Mr Chris Lenon hands the ICC’s “Environmental Taxation Principles” to Secretary General Zhao Xiaodi of ICC China’s National Committee, on the very day, those Principles were published worldwide. Secretary General Zhao thanked for the visit, recognised the importance of environmental taxes, promised to transmit the document to  the CCOIC’s Environment and Energy Commission – and suggested that the topic might be discussed at the ICC G20 event planned for September in Beijing.

Prior to the meeting Mr Chris Lenon had luncheon in the three-century old “Serene Courtyard” residence with members of CCF discussing the significance and scope of the ICC “Environmental Taxation Principles” principles.

China Carbon Forum appreciates  the link we have with the World Business Organization  (our Chairman having a few functions in  the ICC Paris secretariat), the more so since RIO+20 saw increased participation  from the business side, and the G20 giving recognition to ICC’s role as the voice of business.

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