Get Involved

Why get involved?

Addressing climate change is one of most important challenges facing the world today.  As the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, China will remain at the crux of global efforts to mitigate climate change. As the world’s most populous nation, China also has a clear interest in developing economically efficient solutions for adapting to climate change. In China’s highly diverse and evolving climate change sector, China Carbon Forum is uniquely positioned to enable ongoing communication and strategic dialogue between local and foreign corporate sectors, governmental institutions and international organizations on climate change issues.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

If you’re an organization looking to get involved with sustainability initiatives, or an individual who is interested in the emerging low carbon economy, we invite you to contact us and find out how you can contribute to the work of China Carbon Forum.

CCF regularly has internship opportunities for motivated young professionals. Interns may conduct research, provide links to new carbon sector stakeholders, develop CCF’s outreach and provide interpretation and translation services. CCF offers volunteers valuable experience in the carbon sector. Those interested should contact CCF at

Sponsorship Opportunities

CCF welcomes companies and individuals who wish to contribute to the development of China’s carbon sector to sponsor an event or series of events. Doing so actively contributes to finding effective ways for the Chinese and foreign corporate sector, governmental institutions and international organisations to engage in constructive dialogue on climate change issues affecting China. Sponsors also gain exposure to CCF’s wide network in China’s climate change sector, including key PRC government officials.

Employment Opportunities

There are currently no permanent staff employment vacancies at CCF, however internships are considered.