Roundtable: Transparency, Finance and China’s Carbon Market

China Carbon Forum has been following and analysing China’s carbon market development since 2013. Its regular China Carbon Pricing Survey provides insights in to the views of key stakeholders, including industry, government and experts, on important questions such as the expected future carbon price, impacts on investment decisions, the role of carbon pricing in the policy mix, and on China’s emissions peak. These insights thereby support increased transparency and confidence in the national ETS, and motivate entity-level investment decisions in China’s carbon market.

On Friday, September 11th, China Carbon Forum, together with ICF and SinoCarbon, hosted a high-level focus group and expert roundtable on the topic of Transparency, Finance and China’s Carbon Market. The event featured presentations from: China’s major climate change policy think tank, NCSC, on the importance of data transparency in the operation of the carbon market; the world’s largest commercial bank, ICBC, on the Effect of Carbon Trading on Commercial Bank’s Credit Risk; the premiere organisation for carbon emissions disclosure, CDP, on the implications of TCFD and ESG disclosure for the carbon market; and market analysts Refinitiv, on their view and experiences of these issues from the EU Emissions Trading System.

English recordings

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Chinese recordings

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