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August 27, 中国碳交易市场新蓝海及相关法规梳理

July 26, 136万亿投资 中国“碳中和”风口逐渐成型

July 22, 全国碳交易市场开市,居民电价会涨吗?

July 19, China fires up carbon trading as Asia turns onto greener path

July 17, 气候变化和碳交易:了解碳排放权、配额等几个基本概念

July 16, 全国碳市场开市,首笔成交价每吨52.78元、交易额790万

July 15, 全国碳市场将于16日启动,2025年或将达到2840亿元规模

July 14, 全国碳市场近期将正式启动,碳中和概念股又大涨了

July 9, 中国碳市场行将落地 出手就是世界第一等

March 18, 全国碳交易市场如何聚“碳”成“财”?

February 8, Chinese Gencos Face Limited Carbon-Trading Cost Burden


December 8, EDF观察 | 电力行业已准备好明年参与碳市场履约


July 12, 碳价或将稳步上升,但全国碳市场何时交易仍存在不确定性

July 11, 《2018中国碳价调查》:超七成受访者认为全国碳市场将在2025年前全面实行

July 10, 《2018中国碳价调查》在京发布——7成受访者看好全国碳交易体系将于2025年前完全运行

July 10, 《2018中国碳价调查》:超七成受访者认为全国碳市场将在2025年前全面实行

July 10, 《中国碳价调查》2018 年最新报告在京发布

July 10, 2018《中国碳价调查》:电力行业稳步推进碳交易准备

July 10, 2020年全国碳市场将发挥重要减排作用

July 10, 中国2018年《中国碳价调查》报告发布

July 10, 《中国碳价调查》2018 年最新报告在京发布

July 10, 《中国碳价调查》2018 年最新报告在京发布

July 10, 《中国碳价调查》2018 年最新报告在京发布

July 10, 《中国碳价调查》2018 年最新报告在京发布

July 10, Pessimism grows over expected start date for China carbon trading, Financial Times

June 5, Green revolution quickens China’s carbon goal, China Daily


December 26, Skepticism puts a damper on China’s carbon market ambition, Global Times

December 21, China Earns Plaudits Despite ‘Soft’ ETS Launch, Energy Intelligence

December 21, National carbon market launched: “The carbon market is to be used for reducing emissions, not for speculation”, Southern Weekly [Chinese]

December 20, Five points we need to know about China’s carbon market, 国际能源参考 (China Energy News) [Chinese]

December 20, National carbon trading system starts: More than 1,700 power companies take the lead, 21st Century Business Herald [Chinese]

December 19, China moves towards launch of carbon trading scheme, Financial Times

December 19, National Carbon Emissions Trading System Launched: Hubei and Shanghai lead the development of the registry and trading systems respectively, The Paper [Chinese]

December 19, Five things to know about China’s national carbon market, China Dialogue

December 15, Carbon market finally to start?! Five points you need to know about China’s carbon market, Caixin Energy [Chinese]

December 14, NDRC will next week announce the launch of the national carbon market, here is what you need to know, 21st Century Business Herald [Chinese]

December 14, Carbon prices may be high by 2020: these are the points you need to know about China’s carbon market, Beijing Energy Club [Chinese]

November 24, Reconsidering the carbon market: high-level design is still missing, but rising carbon price is certain, iEnergy [Chinese]

November 24, Carbon-trading system key to shifting nation’s energy focus, China Daily

November 24, ‘2017 China Carbon Pricing Survey’ released, China Energy [Chinese]

November 23, China’s emissions are expected to peak ahead of 2030 or even earlier, China Youth Daily [Chinese]

November 23, Will China establish National ETS by the end of 2017?, Caijing [Chinese]

November 23, 2017 China carbon pricing survey launched, China’s emissions are expected to peak ahead of 2030, China Economic Weekly [Chinese]

November 22, China Seen Reaching Peak Carbon Emissions by 2030: Study, Bloomberg

November 22, Survey launched as China prepares national upgrade, Global Times

July 19, 2017, Is coal making a comeback in China?, China Dialogue

June 23, 2017, Xi Jinping Is Set for a Big Gamble With China’s Carbon Trading Market, New York Times


November 14, 2016, Chine: de l’usine du monde vers un laboratoire de l’économie verte?, RFI (French)

July 7, 2016, Conflicting stats mask scale of China’s energy transition, China Dialogue

January 8, 2016: Chine : Un Moratoire De 3 Ans Sur Les Nouvelles Mines De Charbon, novethic (French)


December 13, 2015: China’s efforts on climate deal partly due to its pollution – AP

December 3, 2015, China’s Carbon Trading Pilot Programmes Flawed, InDepthNews (English)

December 2015, Carbon Trading Tradeoff, NewsChina (English)

October 10, 2015, China’s economic shift promises to aid climate fight but packs a commodity punch, Sydney Morning Herald (English)

September 15, 2015, U.S., China Build on Plan to Cut Emissions, Wall Street Journal (English)

September 10, 2015, Shanghai Stock Exchange opens new index to boost low-carbon industry, BusinessGreen (English)

September 9, 2015, Carbon pricing expected to affect firms’ investment, China Daily (English)

September 9, 2015, 2015 中国碳价调查:中国碳排放或将于 2030 年前提前达峰, China National Radio (Chinese)

September 9, 2015, 調查:十年後中國碳交易價將翻倍, Wenweipo (Chinese)

September 9, 2015, Survey: China Carbon Emissions Expected to Peak Ahead of 2030, Chinagate (English)

September 9, 2015, 调查显示:我国碳价与碳税水平将稳步增长, Chinagate (Chinese)

September 9, 2015, News Desk, CCTV (Chinese)

September 9, 2015, 千亿级全国性碳交易市场加快构建, China Economic Net (Chinese) – republished by Phoenix New Media, Economic Daily and Chinanews.Com

September 8, 2015, China carbon emissions expected to peak well ahead of 2030: NGO, Xinhua (English)

September 8, 2015, 调查显示:中国碳排放将于 2030 年前提前达峰, Xinhua (Chinese)

September 8, 2015, Carbon emissions to ‘peak by 2030’, Global Times (English)

September 8, 2015, 2030 年前中国碳排放或达峰值目标, China Newsweek (Chinese)

September 8, 2015, China’s national carbon price expected to debut at $6, survey finds, Carbon Pulse (English)

September 8, 2015, 調查顯示:中國碳排放將於2030年前提前達峰, International Daily News (Chinese)

September 8, 2015, Shanghai Stock Exchange opens new index to boost low-carbon industry, CrystalCarbon (Chinese) – published on

March 31, 2015: La Chine ferme les centrales à charbon situées à Pékin, La Croix (French)

March 6, 2015: Émissions de CO2 : les entreprises chinoises prennent conscience de leur impact, novethic (French)


The China Carbon Pricing Survey 2013 report received large media coverage, both in English and in Chinese. Major news agencies Reuters Point Carbon, Australian Associated Press and Xinhua News Agency reported the output of the surveys as well as influential economic news networks Financial Times, 21世纪网 and QQ金融. The survey received a particular attention in Australia where the Australian National University release was covered by The Canberra Times and ABC Radio Australia who interviewed Frank Jotzo. The English version of China Daily and specialized networks and Sindicatum also reported the results.


  • CCF participated in the Confrontations Europe‘s April 2010 conference on the clean car, organized in partnership with Sauvons le Climat. CCF also arranged for Mrs. Ni Hong of the Department of Environment Protection to speak as a PRC government representative. Read about our involvement on p.18 and 22 of the Confrontations Europe September 2010 newsletter, which also shows a photo of CCF Chairman Dr. Anton Smitsendonk and Ms. Ni Hong, the guests of honor at the conference.