China Climate Change Consultations on the Financing, Transfer and Deployment of Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs)

26th July, 2008

This event was an international business stakeholders consultation workshop jointly organized with the Renmin University of China. The purpose of the workshop was to help articulate a range of policy-relevant industry concerns relating to the financing, transfer and deployment of environmentally sound technologies (ESTs) in China. This aimed to bridge the disconnection between policy aims and the practical experiences of industry players in the formulation of climate change policy.

Around 30 participants attended the event, including Chinese and international business and NGO leaders as well as key PRC government representatives, including officials from the National Development and Reform Commission Office of Climate Change and the Ministry of Science & Technology. Four industry speakers addressed different aspects of the transfer, development and deployment of ESTs. This was followed by breakout sessions in which stakeholders discussed issues in more detail. Core messages from this consultation on practical issues and industry concerns relating to the financing, development and transfer of ESTs were recorded and disseminated to the Chinese government leadership and senior officials.

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