Confrontations Europe and Sauvons le Climat’s Conference on the Clean Car

14-15th April, 2010

China Carbon Forum, with the help of Strategy613, assisted two important European institutions, Confrontations Europe (founder Philip Herzog, President Claude Fischer, Managing Director Hervé Fischer) and Sauvons le Climat (President M Jacques Masurel), convene a conference on the topic of the clean car. The event was a high level European symposium, bringing together as participants European institutions, including the European Commission (Jean-Eric Paquet, Director to the Directorate General Mobility and Transports), the European Parliament (deputies from France and Germany), and the European Council (Chantal Jouanno, French Minister for Ecology, the host country of the European discussions); a range of European agencies, institutes, academies and trade unions, including EUCAR (The European Council for Automotive Research and Development) and Eurocities (network of major European cities); industry, including EMF (European Metalworkers’ Federation) and CEA (French Atomic and Alternative Energy Commission); major European and global firms in the transport and energy sectors, including EDF (European leader for electricity, world leader for nuclear electricity), Veolia Transport (European leader of private transportation services), Diester Industrie (world leader of biodiesel production) and La Poste (leader of the sustainable development group of the International Post Union).

In order to illustrate the global influence of Europe’s clean car strategy, the organizers, in cooperation with CCF, invited Mrs. Ni Hong, Director in the Chinese Ministry for Environment Protection, to provide a Chinese perspective. CCF Chairman Dr. Anton Smitsendonk introduced Mrs. Ni Hong as a guest of honor during the conference.

To learn more about the conference, read Dr. Smitsendonk’s reflection on the event, in which, among other insightful observations, he notes the interesting differences between Europe and China in the development of clean cars. CCF’s involvement in the conference is also highlighted on p. 18 and 22 of the Confrontations Europe September 2010 newsletter.

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