The Future of China-U.S. Energy Cooperation

On June 15th, 2017, China Carbon Forum brought together an expert panel for a discussion on “The Future of China-U.S. Energy Cooperation”, at Peking University Law School in Beijing. Cooperation on energy and low-carbon development have been a positive aspect to the bilateral relationship in recent years, and was important element contributing momentum to the successful conclusion of the Paris Agreement.

This meeting came at a time of uncertainty given the recent announcement of the U.S. government’s intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Despite this, there is widespread scope for China-U.S. energy cooperation both short-term and long-term, particularly in the areas of transport, research, real estate, emissions reduction and financing. The role of NGOs, private enterprises, cities and states were highlighted as a means to facilitating meaningful change, as well as the exchange of knowledge and technology.

A full report of the event can be downloaded here:

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